Rocky Mountain Geotour

Rocks, Faults & Fossils! Oh My! 

Fault and folds, minerals formed by undersea volcanoes, old rocks resting atop young rocks, limestones with fossils from ancient seas long gone. The rocks in your area are most interesting records of how they formed, where they came from, and how they came to form these truly awesome mountains.

MineralsEd invites you to join BC Geological Survey Regional Geologist Fiona Katay and Cranbrook History Centre Director and fossil collector Guy Santucci for an all day, geology, paleontology and mineral resources field trip across the southern Rocky Mountains from around Cranbrook to west of Sparwood. You will see a variety of sedimentary rock types from marine and terrestrial environments that range in age from Precambrian (>1.5 billion years old) to Pleistocene (<10,000 years old), and examples of classic structures in the Rocky Mountain fold-and-thrust belt.

Fiona will help you read the rocks, to see the clues to interpreting them. Guy will share his knowledge of the diverse fossil assemblages in these rocks and the environmental changes they record over geologic time. Together they will inspire you to incorporate local examples and materials in your classroom teaching, and provide starting points for future class field trips. This is placed-based, nature-learning that enhances Earth Science, Environmental Science, Geography, and related units, which students at all grade levels enjoy.

Tentative Schedule:
Depart Cranbrook: 8:00 am from Mount Baker Secondary (1410 Baker St.); Return: ~4:00pm

Transportation:  Bus transportation from Cranbrook will be provided. 

Consideration: This is an outdoor field trip that involves some walking. Dress appropriately for the weather and wear sturdy and comfortable shoes. Bring a camera, notebook and hand lens.  There will be opportunities to collect samples, so bring a backpack (+ plastic bags) for your samples.

Lunch: Bring a bag lunch, plus the snacks and drinks you will need for the day. 

Download the Rocky Mountain Geotour Flyer.

Click here to register. Registration is through Eventbrite.
Cost: $25.00
Deadline: Oct. 5, 2018
Numbers at this time will determine if the field tip will run. Registration will remain open as long as space is available.